Kitchen and dining: all out in the open

COVER: Euromobil, Telero kitchen

This kitchen has a peninsula which extends to the center of the room in order to provide the dining area with an informal and convivial look. Nearby, the cabinets and shelves play with wall compositions with alternated open shelving for a modern interpretation of classic glass displays. Minimalist austerity meets functionality in a compositional game which makes organization its strong point: the angled counter allows for the most in free movement, while the shelves and cabinets keep everything within reach. Above the stove, there is a sculptural hood, a monolithic expression of high-efficiency design, while the finishes and fine materials get combined for a complete picture of contemporary elegance.

Style details

The modern hood.

Sculptural, geometric and striking, this hood goes for contemporary style and becomes a piece of décor in line with the kitchen.

The peninsula with open shelving.

The large shelves built-in above the countertop add a living-room touch to the kitchen and are perfect for storing cookbooks and knick-knacks.

The glass display cupboards.

With a large glass display above the open shelves, the cabinets put the most elegant dishes on display and provide a refined and delicate composition.

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