Euromobil presents Antis Lain: solidity, emotion, and functionality in the kitchen

In the constantly evolving home furniture world, Euromobil continues to stand out as a vital player in the field. Their latest proposal, Antis Lain, is a kitchen which captures the imagination and offers the perfect combination of solidity, emotion, and functionality for kitchen and interior design lovers.

Antis Lain is the result of the creative vision of the architect Roberto Gobbo, the artistic director of Gruppo Euromobil. The kitchen was conceived as a fusion of two distinct combinations, Antis and Lain; in doing so, Eiromobil has created a one-of-a-kind product which is capable of turning the kitchen into unique a space for the preparation of food and new way of spending time together.

Antis and Lain, the fusion of two cutting-edge kitchens

Antis represents the essence of the traditional Italian kitchen. In a constant dialogue between past and the future, it provides an harmonious encounter between artisanal materials and state-of-the-art technologies, all of which is imbued with timeless elegance. Whether it has a linear design, a central island, or peninsula, Antis gives you the chance to turn the kitchen space into a truly unique space.

Lain is a kitchen which offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of materials and colors. Plus, its pure and linear design stands out for its high-performance and refined look. Its minimalist style makes it fit for satisfying a variety of lifestyles and needs.

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The components of Antis Lain, a testament to the Euromobil’s quality

One of Antis Lain’s characteristics which strikes you at first glance is its solidity. Its main structure is made out of in TSS (Thermo Structured Surface) with a flint finish, a material which both provides durability and compact statuesque elegance. This kitchen has been made to last and cope with the everyday challenges in an active and busy kitchen.

Caneté Wood
Tss Turner
MDI Ceramic

Front Panels and Columns

Front panels
The Antis front panels have been made out of caneté wood in a brown tone. This particular finish stands out for its horizontal sections which create groups of eight segments and provide a delicate three-dimensional effect to the eye and touch. To finish off the panel structure, Euromobil introduced the matte black Cross recessed handles which provide a touch of discrete yet glamorous elegance.

Meanwhile, the Lain columns are made with the special TSS Turner material in a Sand finish, which is known for its durability and scratch-proof quality. The material takes its name from the famous English painter Joseph William Turner and reproduces the atmosphere of the painter’s style with almost shaded tonal effects which create unique spaces. This material provides a distinct and sophisticated look to the Antis Lain kitchen.

Surfaces and Centottanta panels

As far as the kitchen surfaces are concerned, Euromobil has opted for MDI (Minerals Design Innovation) ceramic by Inalco, a durable and gorgeous material. The sliding Fast snack bar comes in smooth wood in a brown hue, with hidden guides which are equipped with a double-cushioned opening and closing system which guarantee unparalleled comfort and functionality.

Centottanta panels
Antis Lain also offers a new 180° pivot opening Centottanta panel system. This functional solution is like an authentic door and is capable of transforming the kitchen from a separate space into a single contiguous room. When open, it offers the flexibility of connecting two rooms in a harmonious and elastic way.

Centottanta Panels

In conclusion, Euromobil has once again proven itself to be a leader in the world of kitchen design. With Antis Lain it has provided a model which combines functionality with the aesthetics of the design.

With this proposal, Euromobile has turned the kitchen from a functional space into a work of contemporary art, creating a special room which responds to the need of those looking for solidity, emotion, and functionality in the kitchen.

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