A taste for minimalism in the kitchen

COVER: Arredo 3, Tekna kitchen

This contemporary kitchen is a refined composition of austere volumes and linear details. Its formal language follows the dictates of stylistic purity and extreme functionality. Everything is in its right place and there isn’t space for frills or excess; and yet the style does not go without a small vintage touch of a cupboard which reinterprets classic storage units in an industrial key and includes a built-in book case that links it to the open-concept living room. The rest speaks the language of minimalism with a refined and stripped-down atmosphere that focuses on quality materials and pairings. The recessed handles become a distinguishing and decorative trait, while the resin, slate and stone finishes play with a gray palette to provide metropolitan and timeless elegance.

Style details

The cupboard.

An interpretation of the classic cupboard with an industrial mood that highlights its volumes and monolithic elegance. It becomes the link to the living room with its side bookcase.

The large window.

With a wall facing the preparation area and the garden, the kitchen becomes a bright and convivial space where you can relax while cooking.

The snack bar.

On the one side there is the preparation area, on the other the dining room; in the middle there is the kitchenette which provides a sense of continuity to the peninsula, which provides the final convivial touch.

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