The study area: compact yet spacious

COVER: Multispazio Set Z788 – design Roberto Gobbo e R&S Zalf

In the kids’ room a study area for working on the computer and doing homework is a must. So instead of opting for the classic desk, why not decide to go for a true home office? Marking off and setting up an area to keep everything tidy and within reach can help the young ones concentrate and doesn’t necessarily require much space. Actually, it can become a compact and highly practical solution.

With the right furniture one can create separate areas for play, studying and rest. In order to do so, a wall unit with double-sided bookshelves dividing the room into two is what is needed: on the one side there’s the bed and on the other the study nook.

Multispazio Set Z788 – design Roberto Gobbo e R&S Zalf

If the bedroom is long and narrow, you can experiment with multiple levels: below there is space for a little lounge/study with a desk and sofa (which turns into a bed when needed), while above there is an intimate and comfortable lofted sleeping area.

Multispazio Set Z767 – design Roberto Gobbo e R&S Zalf

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