A bedroom in sky-blue where order and relaxation rule

COVER: Lago, collection Duee

Antarctica is the main source of inspiration for this kid’s bedroom. A polar bear is spotted in the distance, next to silhouettes of icebergs and an igloo-shaped bed that seems to be floating on an ice slab. And only the essential furniture in shades of white and sky-blue with masses of room for toys and clothes. Clean and bright, the overall style clearly draws from Nordic countries, and these playful details are bound to let your imagination run wild: a special allure fills the room, bound to be a great hit with both young and old.

Style details


Pastel tones in sky-blue and white, lots of it. This is combination is conducive for a good night’s sleep.

The raised bed.

A see-through platform turns a conventional bed into something magical, straight for a storybook.

Headboard storage.

Open storage that frames the bed and replaces a standard bedside table; this is something you can copy and turn your ordinary headboard into something extra-special.

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