New finishing panels for security doors: amongst aesthetics and tradition

Security doors are often seen as barriers between our private space and the outside world, as they carry out a crucial role in protecting everything that is near and dear to us. However, in recent years, the concept of the security door has undergone a surprising revolution: they have gone from being simple security tools to becoming authentic works of art which embellish our homes’ interiors.

security doors

For many years, Di.Bi. Porte Blindate, a leader in the production of security doors, has embraced this trend and anticipated the needs of those who see security doors as essential pieces of furniture.

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Security doors for every taste

Like canvases where a painter makes colorful lines or material shaped by a sculptor, finishing panels for security doors have turned into objects imbued with a code of aesthetics, in addition to acting as efficient security devices.

Di.Bi. offers a vast collection of 14 finishing panels which range from traditional styles to more contemporary ones, satisfying all tastes and styles. These panels vary from sophisticated works of art to more classic models for those who love timeless elegance.

Finishing panels from the best designers

Some of the collections have been made in collaboration with renowned international designers, like Karim Rashid for Sensunels and Momo Design for Evotech. Among these, there is a limited-edition collection designed by the artist Paolo Del Signore, which reproduces the painter’s original works and turns the doors into authentic works of art.

In particular, the company has entrusted Raffaele Gerardi with the design of a majority of the collections. He has made use of a refined and innovative stylistic approach which has produced important collections like DibiDesign, DibiTotem, DibiIntarsio, DibiDoku, and DibiVisual. 

We have decided to introduce you to six collections which provide an extensive look into the company’s production and aesthetic refinement. With a close eye on today’s trends and technological innovations in materials and components, these collections’ panels are the best of what is available on the market.

DibiVisual Collection

DibiVisual, a creation of Raffaele Gerardi, is a collection made up of sensual finishing panels which stimulate both our sight and touch. Inspired by the five Chinese elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), this collection offers 14 models with inserts which create dynamic games of light and shadow. The philosophy “Look, Touch, Live” emphasizes the multisensorial experience offered by these finishing panels. Available in a range of pastel colors which recall the element of earth, the DibiVisual finishing panels are fit both for the interiors and the exteriors and give off a pleasurable tactile and visual sensation.

DibiDesign Collection

The DibiDesign collection from Raffaele Gerardi is based on a design concept which, step by step, transforms the space into a collection of symbols, objects, and sensations. DI.BI. redefines the concept of the door, introducing innovative and modern design concepts. This collection offers 23 models in 116 colors (more than 2,600 combinations), allowing you to immerse yourself into a variety of signs and decorations and stimulating your creativity and sensitivity to symbols.

Sensunels Collection

Sensunels is the result of a collaboration with the brilliant designer Karim Rashid, who redefines the concept of the security door, turning it into a decorative element. The name “Sensunels,” coined by Rashid and the combination of the concepts of “Sensual” and “Sentinel,” marries seduction to security. This collection includes 10 exclusive models, offering a variety of audacious and delicate color combinations.

Laminam Collection

Laminam is a collection of finishing panels for security doors in Laminam® laminate porcelain. These thin ceramic slabs offer the greatest resistance to wear, scratches, abrasion, the cold, fire, and UV rays. These colors stand the test of time, no matter what the atmospheric conditions might be. Di.Bi. has selected some colors among the available collections: Oxide, surfaces with 3D effects that reproduce the effect of oxidized metal, Linfa inspired by wood, and Collection for its full-body color.

Plana Collection

Plana, the collection of aluminum finishing panels for security doors produced by Ponzio Pannelli, was selected by Di.Bi. to enhance the range. These panels in THF with natural fiber can be customized with 2mm or 10mm aluminum inserts. The collection is fit for all of Di.Bi.’s security door models (except for glass-insert, arched and double-leaf models) and guarantees resistance to atmospheric agents.

DibiDoku Collection

The DibiDoku line was created with an innovative material: natural HDF with colored wood pulp. This range offers countless options for finishing panels for security doors, allowing anyone to create his or her own custom panel. After having completed the design, it is possible to print the design with the price and bring it to the nearest dealer.

Moreover, the choice of this sustainable material contributes to protecting the environment as it makes use of recycled wood fiber. Thanks to the precision of a laser-cutting process, it is possible to add words, numbers or unique symbols to each DibiDoku product to further customize your home.

In conclusion

In conclusion, these six collections are only a small part of their wide range of finishing panels for security doors, which range from classic models to contemporary, artistic, and technological ones. Di.Bi. demonstrates that security and style can coexist, bringing security doors to life which reflect the beauty and personality of everyone’s home.

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