The ideal study: bright with retro touches

COVER: Marazzi, Oltre collection


A bright room with a few pieces of furniture is the ideal place for organizing your study. It provides the perfect mix of formal order and creative freedom. The highlight of the room is the central window. Built into a nook, it perfectly divides the room in two. On the one side, there is the bookcase which holds your personal library and work documents; on the other side, there is the work area, with a small yet spacious desk that takes us a bit back to the times of school desks. In the middle, one can’t go without a “decompression” space with an armchair facing the window: for relaxing, kicking back and letting the outside world inspire you. Meanwhile indoors, the enveloping warmth of the oak-effect porcelain tiles take advantage of anti-bacterial and non-slip technology to guarantee beauty, hygiene and safety.

Style details

The wood-effect porcelain tiles.

Long porcelain stoneware slats imitate classic oak staves to offer both practicality and beauty.

ph: collection Oltre by Marazzi

The wooden desk.

Austere yet well-organized, it offers a retro touch, yet light style, to replace the desk with a more classic and old-fashioned version.

The metal armchair.

Light, discrete and enveloping, this metallic wire mesh armchair (accessorized with a soft blanket) is the perfect solution to create a private and relaxing sitting corner.

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