BEST SOLUTIONS – Alternative multifunctionality: 30 sqm in Berlin

An alternative approach to conventional hotel rooms: a flexible and multifunctional space with special attention paid to reusing materials and objects, decorated with pieces that are closer to tiny architectural structures than traditional furniture. In Berlin-Neukölln, at the moment the coolest district in the German capital, studio Spamroom has refurbished the mini-apartments of a hotel. Here, the spirit is the same creative and slightly rough spirit of the neighbourhood. The area’s practical and natural soul serves as inspiration for our home. 

The large bed contains three smaller units that can either be used individually as seats, or together as a third bed. The small shelve on the opposite side separates the space from the kitchenette.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that this new concept for a hostel/ hotel, the Plus One, took off in Berlin and least of all that it had instant success. Its name Plus One indicates that the guest package includes an additional person: a native Berliner will act as your tour guide around the city. As soon as you get to the room, and you’re given your own password, you can search the relevant website for a local with the type of expertise you’re looking for, from institutional museums to alternative pubs, and to be accompanied on our tour by real insiders.

Left-hand side, the entrance with a bathroom enclosed by cupboards and kitchenette. Right-hand side, the shelf that doubles as a worktop and a breakfast table. When it’s sunny, you can open the windows and use it as an outdoor table sitting on the balcony.
The cupboards are made from recycled materials. In an interesting mix of different surfaces, we have in turn big and small boxes and open and closed storage.

The overall vibe of this 30 smq studio apartment is also consistent with giving you an authentic “local” experience: the space is carefully yet simply decorated, sustainable and functional. The well-equipped studio has a service core that includes a bathroom, kitchenette and cupboards, and facing the window a central space for a large multipurpose bed with storage in various shapes and sizes and shelves.

Great attention to detail and imagination has turned old door fronts and parquet slats into a collage suitable for new use.

Let’s forget about the impersonal rooms of traditional hotels that always look the same. This flexible and multifunctional space, among old taps, upcycled lamps and cupboards made repurposing old material, has the same creative and no-nonsense approach that has always defined the city of Berlin. You instantly feel a participant and ready to visit the metropolis, and deep down you’ve even started to think of how you can reuse some of your old piece of furniture that you would have otherwise thrown out.

Design project

Renovation of the Plus One mini apartments 

Location: Berlin-Neukölln, Germany
Size: 30 sqm

Interior design project and lighting design:  
Spamroom of Paola Bagna, in collaboration with John Paul Coss 

Courtesy Spamroom 
Copyright Ringo Paulusch