In the Japanese-style room, relaxation is a guarantee

COVER: Ragno, Incanto collection

With Japanese style revisited in a more metropolitan and contemporary key, the bedroom plays with oriental furniture, starting with the wooden and rice paper walls which get matched to the power and bold texture of marble and the optical-effect floor pattern. The furniture goes for the warmth of wood and soft forms which create the right balance between architectural rigor and the intimate and relaxing atmosphere needed for the evening. In the center there is the bed with traditional roll cushions and lantern lights which provide a soft, suffuse light. Meanwhile, the lounge area in the corner offers us the right amount of space to relax before bed. Nearby, there could be nothing less than a vase of cotton flowers, which provides the last touch for impeccable balance.

Style details

The throne chair.

Delicate, sinuous, yet imposing, this chair plays with a large, curvy and enveloping backrest to ensure comfort.

The lantern lamps.

In place of classic bedside lamps, there are three lanterns suspended above the bed to provide a spectacular and intimate atmosphere

The squared floor.

The marble floor is a symbol of ancient elegance. This one, with the optical effect of its large squares, renews the classic Japanese-style room with a modern touch.

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