The modern lounge bathroom

composizione bagno stile moderno di Duravit

COVER: Duravit, Zencha set– design Sebastian Herkner

Modern, linear and with an urban living-room look, this bathroom alters its functional characteristics to become a genuine lounge space where you can take care of yourself. In the center of the scene, a suspended composition stands out with a washbasin, mirror and wall unit. They are minimal, refined, discrete and capable of styling the entire room. In order to finish off this intimate look made for wellness, there is a woven chair and a bench with cushions which immediately brings a lounge space to mind for a daily beauty routine on your own or with someone else. Finishing off the décor, there are two bowls, with sponges and body creams, a suffused lamp warming up the atmosphere and a delicate rug for going barefoot in this lounge bathroom. It is a space which invites you to partake in an elegant ritual where time stops for just a moment.

Style details

lavabo Duravit

The washbasin.

Una via di mezzo tra un ovale e un quadrato: così il lavabo acquista carattere e definisce lo stile moderno di tutto il bagno.

ph.: collection Zencha by Duravit

pensile a colonna

The column unit.

Suspended and minimal, in order to give the space some dynamism without creating confusion, it creates a tidy composition together with the washbasin countertop despite being asymmetric.


The large bench.

It runs along the entire wall and acts as seating and a counter. A simple yet practical element which recalls the look of Nordic spas, it turns the bathroom into a small lounge area where you can pamper yourself.

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