The beauty of Marazzi in the eyes of Ghirri

Luigi Ghirri. The Marazzi Year 1975-1985 is the new book coming from the collaboration between two important creative names: Ghirri and Marazzi. In order to pay homage to art, design and the land, Marazzi has decided to take a series of never-before-seen photographs out of a drawer where they had been conserved for decades in the company archives.

A collection of 30 photos taken by the artist during his 10-year collaboration with the company, this book is not for sale but was part of the exhibition opening at the Musei Civici di Reggio Emilia between May and June 2021, and now is on the site, which over time will add new content.

 “Being able to create a passionate collaboration with such a sensitive and peculiar artist who is attentive to materials like Luigi Ghirri is a point of pride for the whole company” the AD of Marazzi Mauro Vandini explained.

For decades the photos taken by Ghirri for Marazzi were carefully conserved inside the company. “Today, for the first time, they are reemerging in a book and on a site” Cosimo Bizzarri added, the writer who edited the book together with the photography critic and curator Francesco Zanot. “This attests to the success of a collaboration between a forward-thinking company and an artist who, by nature, was even able to direct his geometric, imaginative, ironic and poignant gaze onto a two-dimensional object.”

In the showcased photos, Ghirri throws the tile under a completely new light. In contrast to classic campaigns, in this case the tile is freely interpreted through its gradual transformation into the ideal background for a rose, a stage for a piano, a surface for crayons.

“For Marazzi, making ceramics means transforming materials through form, light and color in order to bring them to life.” Filippo Marazzi stated. And it’s not by chance that choice Luigi Ghirri was chosen to immortalize it.

 “Ceramics”, commented Luigi Ghirri on his work “has a history that is lost in the mists of time. It has always been an ‘object’ on which other objects are placed: the furniture, the gestures, the images, the shadows of the people who inhabit those spaces”. This gives life to the idea of a “mental space of a given moment” where the tile becomes the star.

A thorough and researched work by Marazzi and Ghirri now accessible to the public, the chosen images will be the highlights of a European exhibition.


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