Nemo Virtual Museum: the first design museum in the metaverse

Nemo, the company specialized in designer lighting, is the first Italian décor company to make its debut in the metaverse with the Nemo Virtual Museum.

“We are surrounded by slightly contradictory information on the metaverse, cryptocurrency and NFTs. This new virtual frontier has boldly been thrust into our daily lives,” explained Federico Palazzari, CEO of Nemo. “Trying to understand and use new instruments is not an option. Like all new territories they will have to be explored cautiously.”

That’s why Nemo has decided to cross the threshold of this new world with a permanent virtual space. The Nemo Virtual Museum and installation has been created ad hoc by the digital designer Luca Baldocchi of Sodlab Studio, which specializes in 3D art and design.

The exhibition space involves the brand’s ideas, collections and designers in a global and immediate way. The new museum was opened with a symbolic show which put the designer’s Digital Art on display. The title couldn’t help but reference NFTs (Not Fungible Tokens, i.e. unique and irreproducible digital works and objects): NFT: NOT FOR TODAY. The title was used to highlight the brand’s consistent approach to innovation and experimentation. This new creative world is the perfect tool for the brand to promote its modus operandi and focus even more on the future.

“This project allows me to blend various components which are not immediately correlated to one another: art, design and technology,” the designer said. “And, at the same time, I can express myself with the instruments and the creativity which are an integral part of my daily life.”

The iconic Nemo lights get blended into the metaverse’s world of original digital art in order to bring a virtual, interactive, spectacular and surprising meta-museum to life. It is an occasion for everyone to take a first step into the culture of the metaverse and explore the new futures and faces of design.


Click here to enter to NEMO VIRTUAL MUSEUM

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