Matteo Cibic brings the sea to Milan

Matteo Cibic is currently one of the most interesting and eclectic contemporary designers; Hendrick’s is a high-end gin which has been able to encapsulate all of the magic of the sea in a limited edition launched in March called Neptunia. Naturally, a revolutionary project couldn’t help but come about from their collaboration. From May 11-15, 2022, Cibic and Hendrik’s will introduce a revolutionary and sustainable work of art in Piazza XXV Aprile in Milan which pays homage to the sea.

The goal is to raise awareness on the importance on the health of the sea: the installation, which will bring the sea to Milan, is part of a large-scale project which includes the associations zeroCO2 and Worldrise, with the contribution of Neptunia Gin by Hendrik’s and eight important bars in Milan which will serve eight cocktails created specifically for the occasion.

The project aims for the reforestation of a 100-sqm stretch of seabed in Sardinia, via the transplantation of 2,500 Posidonia plants—a key algae for the marine ecosystem. It’s no coincidence that Cibic’s piece will contain a fluid system of microalgae which can convert as much carbon into oxygen as 500 trees. All that’s left to do is mark the event in your calendar and, in the meantime, savor Hendrick’s Neptunia which, with its mix of locally sourced botanical and citrusy flavors, provides us with the all the flavors and magic of the Mediterranean.

When: May 11-15, 2022
Where: Piazza XXV Aprile, Milan, Italy



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