Kartell furnishes Expo 2020 Dubai

“Beauty Connects People” is the claim which has been chosen for the Italian pavilion for the recently inaugurated Expo 2020 Dubai.

And which company responds better to this philosophy than Kartell? Beauty and sustainability have always been this brand’s pillars, and they have furnished the exposition spaces of the mission’s display and meeting areas at the Universal Exhibition.

Icons of design and new products in recycled materials get combined in the Italian pavilion’s exposition spaces in an interplay of transparencies (always Kartell’s forte), which today has become a symbol of sustainability thanks to the new Polycarbonate 2.0 used by the brand.

Louis Ghost, the company’s iconic piece proudly displayed in the amphitheater, has been made in this new sustainable material which comes from a synthetic material mainly derived from industrial cellulose waste and ISCC* certified paper. It is a material which attests to the passion for innovation and research which Kartell has carried forward with over the years. The company presented the polycarbonate for the first time to the world in 1999, interpreting transparency in an entirely new way, which before had been exclusive to glass.

Today, attention to the environment has brought about an evolution in the exclusive Polycarbonate 2.0 which ensures up to a 60% reduction in its environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuel polycarbonate production. The Polycarbonate 2.0 preserves all the aesthetic properties of transparency, thermal and mechanical resistance, durability and strength, but has a green core.

In line with the same policy of the circular economy promoted by Italy at Expo Dubai, Kartell has also chosen new releases made in recycled material obtained from pure, non-contaminated waste from other sectors. In the “Bar and Kitchen Area” by Niko Romito the setup designed by Kartell is all custom made, with solutions which exalt the values of welcoming and excellence which are shared by the starred-chef.

“After the positive experience at Expo Milan, it was a pleasure for us to once again be a partner of the Italy Pavilion in Dubai,” confirmed Claudio Luti, president of Kartell. “I believe it is really important to create positive synergy on such occasions where the Italian system presents itself as a whole and brings all of the beauty and innovation of Made In Italy to an international event like this. It is an important occasion to speak about Italy and its knowhow.”

During Expo 2020 Dubai, Kartell will also create events where environmental consciousness, the circular economy and beauty will inspire the company’s commitment and philosophy, because as Luti himself claims “the theme of the pavilion concerns beauty and beauty is a mission for us. We create objects which must be first of all beautiful and functional and which must last until the end of their lives when they go to museums or collectors, as they are examples of design history. And by speaking about sustainability, this is precisely the evolution of the concept of sustainability and industrial ethics.”

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