Driade: super birthday celebrations in Palermo

50. This important milestone marks the longevity of one of the most famous and globally respected Italian design firms around.

To celebrate fifty years of innovation and creativity aimed at satisfying the needs of everyday living, Driade has decided to hold an exhibition at the Longho | Design Concept Store, in Palazzo Pintacuda, in Via Libertà, in Palermo, Sicily. Held in one of the most exclusive spaces of the Mediterranean coast, incidentally the headquarters of the School of Architecture as well, this exhibition was overseen by the architect Michele Longo in collaboration with Driade.

So, on the 13th of November and with the support of the municipality of the city of Palermo, an itinerary by the architect and designer Francesco Librizzi – who was born here, although he currently resides in Milan – reconstructs step by step the role that Driade and its founding members Adelaide Acerbi and Enrico and Antonia Astori played on the contemporary Italian design scene.

The exhibition includes Driade’s most iconic pieces, highlighting the way in which the brand combines the Italian architecture tradition, represented by the dignified elegance of Palazzo Pintacuda and the more glamorous and cutting-edge “Made in Italy”.

A cultural axis that links Milan to Palermo, and beyond, confirmed by the words of Giuseppe di Nuccio, CEO of Driade: ‘From Milan, in the flagship store in Via Borgogna, to Palermo, in one of the best locations where Driade has found a home, we are proud to show the best pieces that have made the history of design and the collection that projects us to the near future. That’s the case today.

Happy birthday Driade and our hopes for the future is that it’s full of new ideas…As you always need beauty.


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