Salvioni Milano Durini: a new interior design concept store

COVER: The interior design concept store Salvioni Milano Durini

Six floors, five apartments, one showroom. Salvioni Design Solutions has recently opened interior design concept store Salvioni Milano Durini; this new 1100 sqm space is housed in an early twentieth century building in the heart of Milan. Architect Riccardo Rocchi has designed an evocative itinerary, a journey which starts on the street level and goes up four floors with over 100 top Italian brands on display.

The magic of this space is felt right from the beginning: it feels like being in someone’s home, in fact each floor looks like a real apartment, and each apartment has a unique vibe in tune with a precise way of life. Carbon in a dark colour palette; Milan in a clean and simple style; Color is decorated in vibrant colours; Notte Bianca in pastel tones has a more feminine touch; Naturae is decorated in natural materials. Overall, the ground floor has a traditional feel, and the’re also several roof terraces.

Five separate apartments, which nonetheless are visually connected with the same glamorous style, planned with great attention to detail. Lighting design is by Cattelani&Smith, one of the most creative brands in the field. Catellani&Smith has designed a number of special bespoke pieces to complement each apartment. However, other details connect the different floors together: a central staircase with a dramatic curved silhouette, effectively a sort of art gallery, used to display a succession of designs Made in Italy.

Here, art and design come together seamlessly, in fact every room is used to display pieces from the Galleria Barbara Paci in Pietrasanta, Tuscany.

Salvioni Milano Durini is effectively a welcoming and sophisticated home. A wonderful abode, the perfect space to while away your time, indulging in a variety of different ideas and inspirations. And by browsing through a variety of different brands, you are bound to find the right style for your home. What’s more, Salvioni Milano Durini has an in-house interior design team with over 30 designers, ready to meet all your needs. 

Where: 3 via Durini, Milan, Italy


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