Re-Chair by Kartell, the recycled chair

The word sustainable sums up in just one word our chair for 2021. With recycling in its DNA, optimal ergonomics, impeccable style (created by the gentleman of design), and absolutely versatility indoor and outdoors, is anything more needed in order to declare this the king of chairs?


  • What it is Re-Chair by Kartell, the chair in recycled material.
  • What makes it special It is a chair that makes sustainability the new concept of comfort, with both versatility in style and high-quality materials. This chair is eco-friendly, robust, light and can be stacked and used indoors and outdoors. It is the must-have chair for every season and situation.
  • How it is made It is made completely made in recycled material and fit indoors and outdoors. This is seating produced in full respect of sustainability as it sports a squared yet enveloping design with a light, resistant, stackable techno-polymer and recycled thermoplastic shell. It is available in white, black, grey, green, and dove grey.
  • Whose idea it is Antonio Citterio, the designer of elegance and Italian style. His designs stand out for their volumes with a few light yet well-defined lines, in an impeccable harmony of form, function, personality and timeless style.
  • We chose it because… The style with which this chair interprets ergonomics creates the perfect balance between elegance and versatility, refinement and practicality. It is a chair that can be used everywhere—in the home and outside, in the office or dining room.



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