Porro designs a tailor-made Toscana in Miami

There is a can’t-miss spot across the sea for those who love the most refined Italian style and flavors. Toscana Divino, the Made-In-Italy restaurant founded in Miami in 2012, has joined Porro, the Italian brand leader in premium custom-made furniture, with interior styling curated by Imobili LLC and Claude Zein. Immersed in the heart of Miami’s lively Brickell neighborhood and renowned for having some of the best Italian food in the city, the Toscana Divino made its debut with its renovated interiors in conjunction with Art Basel 2021.

Canaletto walnut and geometrically pure architectonic systems punctuate the space and furniture, and they get blended into one single elegant and informal atmosphere: a successful allusion to the most elegant and refined domestic scenery.

While we wait for our table, the iconic Ghiaccio armchairs by Piero Lissoni welcome us at the entrance with their low and enveloping black-ash structure which gets softened by a savannah-colored cushion. Nearby, there is the floor-to-ceiling Load-it bookcase designed by Wolfgang Tolk, which masterfully mixes steel and Canaletto walnut, and the linear and delicate Boutique Mast by Piero Lissoni with its thin metallic shelves in contrast with its cantilevered Canaletto walnut, glider-wing shelf.

There are two rooms. The first one is more intimate and cozier and hosts the large Galileo table by Piero Lissoni which is tailormade with an oval Canaletto walnut top. It is ready to welcome guests for a private dinner together with the Neve chairs and armchairs by Piero Lissoni which reinterpret the classic wooden chair in a contemporary key. The walls are also decorated here with three bookcases: Gap vertical totems which also act as a light source.

A shelving system is the highlight of the main room as well. The imposing System designed by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro is a custom-made display case and wine cellar where the best Italian wines, gorgeous decanters and glasses, ancient books, terracotta pots (in perfect Tuscan tradition), delicate Murano vases and landscape photography get shown off. The custom-made Galileo tables fill up the space alongside the Neve chairs, while an ad hoc cabinet for the cutlery draws the eye with its combination of fine Canaletto wood and Paonazzo marble.

The rigor, refinement and sophisticated warmth at the Toscana Divino creates an exclusive and tailor-made atmosphere. Even the Pivot doors are custom-made in Canaletto walnut, while the Wood Cover paneling in the same wood gives a glamorous touch to the service area. Lastly, there are the Brina stools which go for the elegance of black leather and exude all of the of the brand’s savoir fare. In every corner of the restaurant we can feel the magic of Tuscany while enveloped in the purity of Italian style.

Where: Toscana Divino, 900 S Miami Ave Space 185, Miami, USA



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