Ocean by Lanerossi, the plaid that comes from the sea

Super soft, light and 100% green, Lanerossi presents its vision of sustainability together with the Seaqual Initiative and introduces Ocean, the first plaid in recycled sea plastic.

The plaid is brand-new and yet is a further confirmation of the philosophy of Lanerossi, which has always paid close attention to the environment and promoted and pursued all-round sustainability. In fact, Lanerossi has designed and made interior textile products from natural and pure raw materials which have been artisanally processed since 1817.

The plaids (always the brand’s forte) blankets, sheets, sponges, towels and pillows making up its collection demonstrate that industrial pursuit of sustainable innovation which is aimed at protecting the environment and the future of the planet. Lanerossi’s commitment begins from the first phases of production with the use of recycled raw materials, traceability, GRS (GlobalRecycled Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification of the products, the choice of farms which ensure ethical treatment of the animals (according to the RWS Responsible Wool Standard protocol), the use of only renewable sources, and the elimination of dyes and chemical agents. The symbols of this modus operandi are GreenLabel and Ocean, which has been made with the Seaqual Initiative.

Seaqual Initiative works with nonprofits, fishermen, the local authorities and communities to aid in clearing the oceans of plastic waste. Sea waste coming from our beaches and found on the seabed, ocean surfaces, rivers and estuaries are collected by cleaning programs and split into various types of materials. Afterwards, the plastic part gets cleaned and transformed into Upcycled Marine Plastic, a reusable material in various fields. To highlight the importance of this initiative and make it even more worthwhile, Lanerossi wanted to weave a genuine plaid by mixing recycled wool and Seaqual yarn made from plastic sea waste.

It is an intelligent way to protect the ecosystem without giving up on the uniqueness and softness of Lanerossi products. With a modern design and vibrant pattern, the Ocean plaid is able to balance practicality and durability and offers us wellness that comes from cleaner waters.