MitoHome, the tradition of “knowing how to do things well”

The story of MitoHome, an all-Italian brand of handcrafted sofas and seating, was founded as an evolutionary process of Mr. Marinelli. Domenico Marinelli, who made his first moves in the industry at a young age, has carried on with this philosophy deeply rooted in the Apulia territory. All of their attention to detail, care for materials, and the desire to bring the allure and ancient traditions to light goes back to the beauty of Altamura, the original location of the Marinelli’s business. The company is strongly attached to the territory and this makes itself felt. A connection with the local master craftsmen remains a cornerstone of MitoHome. Domenico’s collaborations with the most important names in the sofa industry, like Pasquale Natuzzi, highlight his forward-thinking entrepreneurship.

Craftsmanship, customization and Made-In-Italy expertise have always been in the family’s DNA. Domenico (Mimmo) Marinelli, the founder of MitoHome, has even more ambitious goals. He would like to ensure sustainability that looks to the future and closely concentrates on recycling (even for packaging) and on state-of-the-art equipment with a low environmental impact. This has led to the choice of the highest quality Italian materials: frames, rubber, leather and fabrics are selected from a range of excellent suppliers who are capable of not only guaranteeing natural products but are also dedicated to ethical work with energy-efficient supply chains geared toward sustainability.

But MitoHome’s ethical choices are not the only thing that characterizes its style. With over 30 exclusive models divided into two collections with more than 20 upholsteries in over 300 variants of leather and fabric, tailormade craftsmanship is without a doubt this brand’s strength,

All of this is a product of the expert craftsmanship that has developed over generations. Today, Mimmo Marinelli’s children have courageously carried on with while adding a touch of innovation, as befits the young. “The arrival of my children in the company has clearly brought fresher and more innovative ideas” explained Domenico Marinelli, concealing his fatherly pride. “Our goal lies in expressing all of the passion that we have and put into creating our collections, but we also want to respond to the needs of the market and offer bold products that are in line with the times” he added.

For this reason, Domenico, alongside his son Giovanni (next in line in the family business), never misses a step in the production process and takes care of each manufacturing phase alongside his craftsmen. There is clear artistic direction combined with a constant search for lines and the most suitable styles that the team of designers from the internal research center constantly develop in order to find the perfect solution for each client.

They are versatile, contemporary, and in line with the times, but always keep on an eye on traditional quality. “Our sofas are made like this and for this reason they are appreciated throughout the world, especially in Europe, but even in Russia and the Middle East” the owner highlighted. “But they are also many requests in Italy” he quickly added. “Because the care the we put in every detail creates quality products that always satisfy the desires of those who choose them.”


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