Mama Cocha, a journey into flavors from Naples to Peru

The name says it all: Mama Cocha, the new Nikkei restaurant in the province of Naples, is named after the Sea Mother, the Peruvian goddess of the sea and fishing.

The younger sibling of another Nikkei location (Urubamba, situated in the heart of Naples) launched in 2017 by Dario Cecaro, this unusual and lively restaurant offers a menu somewhere between Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.

The interiors of Mama Cocha, designed by the architect Mario Sorrentino, perfectly reflect its exciting fusion vibe: bright colors on the walls and sun-yellow ceiling, Peruvian decorations interpreted in a contemporary key, cascading plants which embrace chandeliers, and custom furniture.

One of the restaurant’s strengths is its location. The outdoor patio overlooking the wonderful Santuario di San Giuseppe offers quite the view, while the youthful South American-style indoor furnishing focuses on refined influences and projects us into a playful and exciting world. Different materials and decorations get blended with bright colors for a jubilant and striking aesthetic effect.

This is not unlike the Sofia seating by Riflessi, which has been customized for the location and dressed in a typical, velvety Peruvian fabric with multicolored striped patterns in bold colors like orange, ochre and blue. Meanwhile, the base of the seats goes for an elegant rose-gold finish, adding a chic touch to the restaurant’s eclectic style.

The atmosphere is inviting and the culinary options have been well-researched. There are already “proven” dishes from Urubamba and other new proposals: ceviche, tacos, dumplings, classic rolls, grilled octopus and sweet churros provide an explosion of flavors which reflect the location’s personality to a tee.

Where: Mama Cocha, Piazza Garibaldi 26, San Giuseppe (Na), Italy



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