London: a luxury hotel in Scotland Yard’s historic headquarters

The most famous metropolitan police force of all time, Scotland Yard’s historic headquarters is preparing to accommodate, within its legendary walls, an extraordinary five-star hotel. After approximately four years of construction work, the hotel opening, scheduled for this summer, brings to a close the impressive refurbishment of this famous nineteenth-century red brick building that from 1829 to 1980 housed what transformed into an extraordinary source of inspiration for thousands of stories, novels, films as well as TV dramas with detectives, intrigues, spies and murderers… beginning with Sherlock Holmes, the most famous investigator in history.

As the hectic fine-tuning is underway to add the finishing touches to this thorough remodel, we’ve taken a sneak-peek at the new interior design – as in the best thrillers. The 153 rooms available to the affluent guests are ready. They include suites with views of Westminster Abbey and St. James’s Park, leading up to Buckingham Palace.
In all the rooms, the fitted furniture, from wardrobes to bathrooms, is designed by Lema Contract, one of the most representative brands on the “Made in Italy” scene. Painstakingly made according to an original design, the bespoke furniture has an understated elegant aesthetic in line with British style and its taste for classic luxury: soft shades, subtle accents of contrasting colours, fine materials as well as distinctly subtle decorations.

The entire refurbishment project was overseen by the London-based practice EPR Architects that in spite of a complex conversion of building use and having to adapt the outdated premises to the current quality and safety standards, has successfully managed to preserve the main features of the original architecture as well as its period feel. The project couldn’t be complete without authentic gems such as a “secret” whiskey bar that evokes the time of the prohibition, the old cells transformed into meeting rooms and work spaces, a chandelier that pays tribute to the Forty Elephants Gang (a notorious all-female gang of robbers who terrorized jewellery stores), old uniforms, vintage photos as well as emblems and shields that are spotted among the details of the new decorations.

Where: 3-5 Great Scotland Yard, London, UK
(Photos: Copyright Emma Lambe – Courtesy Lema Contract)



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