Krion™, hygiene comes out on top in the kitchen

Hygiene is a must in the home and the current health crisis has forced all of us to become more aware of its importance. This holds especially true in the kitchen, where viruses and bacteria hide amongst dishes and food. That’s why Porcelanosa, the brand specialized in high-quality surfaces, thought of making surfaces which are literally virus and bacteria-proof.

The new Krion™ K-Life 1100 material is not only non-porous (blocking the collection of food particles on surfaces and easing cleaning) but, thanks to photolysis, it eliminates the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms. This makes it ideal for surfaces which come into contact with food.

This deep white material contains the special KEAST technology which, through a series of activators and additives, reacts to sunlight and artificial light and eliminates viruses and bacteria from surfaces and even improves air quality.

Plus, Krion™ is highly adaptable thanks to its impressive mechanical and aesthetic properties. It has the same versatility of wood (they get processed in the same way) and high thermoforming capabilities. These characteristics make it perfect for making custom tops for any design without any breaks (the primary cause of bacterial buildup). Its mineral makeup makes it resistant to scratches, stains, marks, cracks, impacts, and all cleaning and disinfecting products (even if all you need is a cloth and a bit of water to keep it clean every day).

Plus, this material includes various edge finishing and three types of raised edges to offer not only the most in cleanliness, but also greater customization in the kitchen. This results in seamless and smooth surfaces without grooves between corners and edges where buildup derives, which allows us to create our own custom looks and style.

And for those who want to create a surface made for hygiene and practicality which is at one with the sink, there is Krion™ Solid, a semi-finished range which is perfectly seamless for a dirt-proof surface without breaks.

Now here is design which is made for our wellbeing.


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