Happy birthday, Moroso

Moroso has turned 70. The all-Italian design brand, founded in 1952 by Agostino Moroso and his wife Diana, is moving on with its successful journey in the world of furniture by, as always , focusing on creativity.

With an ever-present thrust for innovation, firstly as artisans then as industrialists, Moroso started its research geared towards designer work in the 1980s by having architects and international designers work side by side. Today Patrizia and Roberto Moroso, the second generation, proudly carry on with the brand’s history in an industrial process which has added a strong managerial structure, but without compromising the company’s innate artistic vision.

Research, forward-thinking, and material and technical innovation are Moroso’s strengths which support and enhance the brand’s artisanal craft and versatile vision.

It’s no surprise then that a new division in the company has been founded: More-So. Dedicated to enhancing research and experimentation in designer furniture, according to the designer and architect Ron Arad, the project co-creative director, More-So’s objective is clear and ambitious: improving the efficiency of industrial production so that it becomes more agile and, especially, more sustainable. “I like to consider More-So as our ‘Gallery of Wonders’,” explained Patrizia Moroso “an open and accessible space where we can share the amazement and wonder of backstage.” This division will produce unique furniture and objects or limited editions—true pieces of designer décor which will not necessarily be mass produced.

The name More-So recalls the brand’s name and its open approach to dialogue and influence with other spheres—from architecture to philosophy, art and technology. It represents a risk once again by a brand which is proud of its independence and which works in over 80 countries throughout the world—one of the pillars of Italian design. It is a company which is capable of going beyond the mere production of objects of décor, but rather seeks to spread the culture of beauty in our society by turning design into a driving force which inspires people towards a better future.



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