Crimagno, eco-luxury at your feet

The dream? To create a unisex shoe which was completely sustainable, sporty, elegant and of the highest quality. This idea of Cristiano Magnoni gave birth to Crimagno, a Swiss company with its headquarters in Corteglia which used a field of hemp and plastic-filled landfill in order to create a new collection of athleisure shoes.



 “Shoes are part of my family heritage” explained Cristian Magnoni, who worked in his parent’s manufacturing company producing soles for some of the major fashion brands for a few years before becoming an interior designer. Kobi, Crimagno’s first model, was selected by Rossana Orlandi in 2021 for its debut at the event IFC Mall in Hong Kong together with Henderson land. The shoes are black and white in homage to the principles of Ying and Yang and made exclusively from waste material. “Together we can help the new generations embrace sustainability” said Rossana Orlandi, who presented the shoes again last year at Ro GuiltlessPlastic 2021: the third edition of the international project dedicated to recycling and reuse presented at Milan’s Museum of Science and Technology during Design Week 2021.

Kobi’s success was reconfirmed at the 2022 Global Footwear Awards, an international prize for industrial excellence which focuses on innovation, creativity, sustainability and social impact.

What is the secret of this pair of shoes which mixes a runner’s style with the sophistication of a luxury brand? Through the use of experimentation and quality, Crimagno’s shoes have a series of characteristics which not only make them 100% sustainable, but also ergonomic and comfortable. The sole’s natural rubber, hempwood and recycled material is divided into two in order to support the foot’s natural movement while walking. Meanwhile, the upper part is made in polyester fiber obtained from PET bottles recovered from the sea in a single piece (to better embrace the foot without bother) with a lateral zipper and single rear stitching. The lining is made of a patented hemp, recycled polyester and silver compound which is antibacterial, breathable and thermoregulatory.

Even the shoes’ packaging is green. In place of the classic shoe box, there is a practical shoulder bag made in 100% recycled felt coming from plastic bottles.

All of this adds up to exclusive, responsible and eco-friendly style.




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