Coral Lodge Mozambique, traveling with the mind

You know, if we must dream, let’s dream big. Let’s fly away with the mind (while waiting to make a reservation) to mile-long beaches, blue oceans, coral reefs and breathtaking natural landscapes…to Mozambique, a wonderful country on the east coast of Africa. In this former Portuguese colony, independent since 1975, the beauty of nature goes along with huge economic difficulties. However, smart and responsible tourism that respects the environment and local traditions is more than welcome.

Giving us the chance to take in this authentic and pure Mozambican atmosphere is a small resort on the beach, the Coral Lodge Mozambique. The resort’s ten villas blend in with the green of nature facing the beach and lagoon. The villas are constructed with wood according to local traditions. Indoors, modern furniture gets combined with traditional decorations in hues that recall the colors of the surrounding nature and, with some decisive touches, the joyful and vivacious culture of Africa. Behind all of this, and with the merit of being almost imperceptible, there is the hand of world-famous Dutch designer Edward van Vliet, whose best known phrase sums up the concept of his works better than a thousand words, “Nature is the greatest designer in the world and the most expansive source of inspiration at the same time.”

Nature is a source of inspiration and also an energy source. Coral Lodge is a pilot project supporting eco-sustainable tourism that uses a wind and solar hybrid energy system by Ecolibrì (the Italian engineering company of renewable products and energy) that together with lithium storage batteries allows the resort to supply itself with 100% clean energy.
A wonderful place and fascinating project. We hope to be able to visit it soon.


WHERE: Varanda 9, Nampula Varanda, Mossuril, Mozambique
PHOTO: Courtesy Ecolibrì


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