CleanOut by Ragno, microbe-free surfaces

COVER: Ragno, Roots collection

Harmony, wellness, style. These three words sum up Roots, the first collection by Ragno made with CleanOut antibacterial technology. Made up of intentionally imperfect, cement-based ceramic surfaces, Roots furnishes our indoor and outdoor spaces in style in White, Grey, Beige and Multicolor.

With sophisticated textures, a Mediterranean mood, evocative fusions and artistic designs, its mix-and-match style creates a collection dedicated to sustainability and wellness. The 40%-recycled material unites a lived-in look with a contemporary and natural mood in full respect of the environment and our health. CleanOut inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms like mold, bacteria and fungi by reducing the bacterial load in the space by up to 99.9% and eliminating bad odors. This is all thanks to its exclusive silver-ion based treatment which is incorporated into the ceramic surfaces. By remaining constantly active, it purifies the surface day and night, even in the absence of UV rays.

Indoor pollution should not be underestimated. There are often imperceptible biological agents that spread via air and corrode surfaces, not only causing us physical disturbances like asthma and allergies but also, without us realizing it, changes in mood and spatial perception. That’s why it is indispensable to always live in healthy spaces and keep the air purified. The constant use of detersives or disinfectants does not always prove to be a sufficiently healthy and effective solution. CleanOut, however, is the perfect innovation to solve this problem, as this technological treatment consistently guarantees fresh and sanitized flooring inside and outside, without end. Thanks to its efficient release mechanism CleanOut ensures high performance, durability and integrity for its entire product life, providing us with all the wellness we deserve.


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