Casa Fantini lake time, the magic of the lake in a boutique resort

A weekend on the lake surrounded by nature’s autumnal colors is the perfect solution to allow oneself to get away from the city and let go of some stress. We have chosen Orta Lake where, in the heart of Pella, a small but priceless lodge appears: the boutique hotel Casa Fantini lake time.

The keyword here is serenity: nine rooms and two suites shared amongst two lakefront buildings. It is a resort born from the passion for genius loci, meaning that which is genuine and natural. It is the classic “place made of dreams” where one can live and be enwrapped in the slow rhythm of the lake, in the mystic and silent aura that characterizes and defines this territory. Stepping out onto the doorway is all it takes to immediately breathe in that “calming hospitality”, that elegant and sophisticated comfort which creates a convivial and charming atmosphere. Casa Fantini, not by chance, comes from a dream of the brand’s entrepreneur Daniela Fantini, who had always imagined since childhood an intimate and welcoming lodge in the place where she lived.

Architect Pierro Lissoni made the dream a reality by integrating two buildings (one ancient and one brand new) in the surrounding landscape, with a garden lounge enclosed by a brick wall, divided into little relaxation areas enveloped by cascades of flowers, where one can also find a swimming pool cut off from the view of others.

On the inside, spacious and light environments invite one to relax, just like at home, amongst music, books and easy conversation; or it is possible to simply lose oneself in the magnificent view of San Giulio Island, visible from the ground floor’s living area (furnished with ample sofas, a fireplace and sliding doors), the atrium and even the bedrooms (all of which have a lake view).

The spaces and atmosphere of this enchanting place are made up of local stone, accoya wood, wooden slats made with ancient techniques, light and water. Going beyond taking advantage of the lake’s allure, the resort reflects Fantini’s business identity which derives from the passion for captivating design which is inextricably linked to water.

“Here one can live an emotional experience in the spirit of lake time”, Daniela Fantini tells us. There is even time just to have an espresso: in the ancient house that is part of the hotel there is a refined and charming coffee bar open to the public. A place where one can treat oneself, even just for a moment, to the placid rhythm of the lake and smells of the surrounding nature and enjoy true luxury, “the luxury of time”.

Where: Casa Fantini/Lake Time cia Roma 2, Pella, Italy



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