Acquafit by Fantini, the multisensory shower head

This multifunctional shower head transforms an ordinary shower into a tiny paradise of personal wellbeing, complete with water features and a backdrop of lights, you are able to enjoy every morning. 
It’s called Acquafit and it’s designed by the Italian manufacturer of taps Fantini, a benchmark in the field of bathrooms. For over seventy years, Fantini has promoted research in new materials, innovative technology as well as a superior design aesthetic.

Acquafit’s new features transform showering into a multisensory experience that engages all your senses and puts you back on track in only a few minutes.
With new limescale-proof nozzles, the double rain jet mode releases extremely fine and compact water jets that create a delicate shower that subsequently massages your entire body. The tonic water mode combines air and water to “soften” the overall effect and in addition, the chromotherapy mode that includes the lighting features of the sequence “Feel”, creates a magical feel with evocative names such as: Dawn, Leaves, Sunset and Night.

Acquafit is available in several styles as well as in an increasing number of sizes and finishes, adapting to every space in the best way possible.
This technological innovation aims to regenerate body and soul directly in your home and most importantly, the double rain jet is a real treat during these sweltering summer days.


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