Woodland by Seletti, build your own “secret garden” with this screen

Woodland by Seletti can be compared to a secret hideaway or even a private wood. This new screen, designed by Alessandra Baldereschi, is composed by stylized lightweight trees, which you can use to build your own “secret garden”. Use Woodland to build a safe haven, where you can have secret adventures, just like those told by Frances Burnett.

  • What is it? Woodland by Seletti is a metal screen
  • What is special about it? Woodland by Seletti is a colourful lightweight piece with a stylized and naïf silhouette. Woodland can decorate in a new and fun way any room in the home, what’s more it can separate large spaces and build secret hiding places.
  • How is it made? Modular units in wire mesh, available in a variety of different colours. Hinges join two or more units together; this mechanism helps to open and close the screen.
  • Who is it by? Alessandra Baldereschi is an emerging young designer with an artistic background. She has lived for many years in Japan, where she has worked in a variety of different fields, from costume jewellery to lighting design. And what’s her main goal? To look at the past through a new perspective, constantly discovering new things. She describes her work as: “It’s like keeping a journal, but knowing it’ll be read by someone else.” And of her style she says: “To me beauty is grace”.
  • We like it because… With a fun vibe, subtle colours and a “peek-a-boo” structure, Woodland awakes fairytale and poetic imaginary. It can convert even the most serious of offices into a fun and vibrant space.  



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