Uultis, Brazilian in spirit and haute couture in style

Ultis is the Latin for “desire”, inspiration. Started a year ago, Uultis is a young Brazilian firm that in 2018, on the occasion of its international debut during the Salone del Mobile, Milan, gained instant acclaim for its unique style and the superior quality of its wooden furniture. 

Out of the many elements of Brazilian design that have recently bewitched the international public, its top quality wooden furniture definitely deserves a mention and Uultis, part of the Herval group, has relied on this feature – coupled with a conscious effort towards safeguarding the environment – to build its identity.

By focusing on technology, craftsmanship, sustainability and material experimentation, Uultis designs and manufactures unique, characterful pieces that combine different types of wood as well as leather, linen and metal. “We have opted for natural materials and wood from renewable sources, as well as projects that favour simple assembly methods,” the marketing manager of Uultis, Sabrina Barros states, “and we are developing, in combination with traditional options, fabrics produced from recycled PET bottles. They have a clean aesthetic, add an impeccable touch and make a difference towards environmental conservation. ”

The new collection, designed by Sergio Batista and Larissa Batista of Know How Studio in collaboration with the architects Inacio Schnorrenberger and Rafael Reis of Studio Uultis, perfectly represents the brand’s ethos. With a focus on functionality and technology, mirrors, tables, chairs and armchairs adapt the contemporary Brazilian aesthetic to an international audience, without losing its distinctive characteristics. The armchairs Mince and Sole emphasise the natural beauty of wood with their fluid line and oversized silhouettes, the chair Cappio with its buckle detail on the backrest is inspired by haute couture and the table Pin is inspired by gothic architecture and replaces standard legs with a unique detail.

“Furniture by Uultis is made with patience, soul and integrity” Sabrina Barros explains with pride. In typical Brazilian-style, Uultis focuses on a passion for life, a matter that comes across in the great attention to detail, elegant functionality and natural, fuss and frill-free beauty of the new collection. The soul of this furniture results from a ” more tortuous and less obvious route”, however it perfectly translates a taste for comfortable things and personal well-being.


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