Tufty Time by B&B Italia: this cult sofa is ten years old!

Tufty Time is the iconic sofa, designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia. Tufty Time blows out ten candles and to celebrate this, it comes out wearing an elegant chequered dress complete with dust ruffle. Tufty Time ’15 is a fresh new update on a truly cult piece; it has a strictly modern appeal, while never forgetting its origins.

Just like its forbearer, Tufty Time ’15 is an extremely modular sofa. Its units can be assembled in an infinite variety of ways to suit personal taste and space restrictions: footstool, corner, centre and side units (which can also be fitted with armrests), chaise-longue and islands.

Tufty Time is still current for three main reasons: it’s symbolic of an informal lifestyle, as well as being an easygoing and creative piece. And this, without giving up clear references to times gone by. In fact, this is exactly the thought process which gave birth to Tufty Time. And who would have thought that this sofa had a hidden vintage soul? And yet, when in 2005 Patricia Urquiola designed this piece, she specifically wanted to “reference tuft upholstery and Chesterfield sofas, paying attention to the sixties and seventies.

Of course, Patricia Urquiola’s individual style comes through. However, Tufty Time’s strong points aren’t only due to its aesthetics; in fact they can also be linked to an innovative spirit and extreme simplicity. Undoubtedly, Tufty Time is rich in character. And what do you think of the fact it can be assembled in many different of ways and that its fabric cover can be removed in a split second?

Tufty Time is a real style chameleon; this piece suits our personal style and reinterprets it in its own unique way, without ever forgetting its striking individuality. And it never cuts corners on our comfort! Tufty Time is bound to stay current at least for another ten years, but we bet this will be a lot longer!


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