The stone that charges your phone

At first glance it looks like a simple river stone. And it really is a “stone”, but it has something special. This stone with minimalist and pure design is a patented Qi wireless charger. We all have one or more chargers either connected to the outlet, tangled up in a drawer or set aside in some corner of the home which are awaiting our devices. Charging Stone by Einova has solved the unsightly problem of wires and chargers lying about because it combines elegance and the durability of natural stone with rapid Qi wireless charging patented by Eggtronic: the safest, fastest and most efficient.

In addition to being convenient and compatible with a wide range of devices (just place it on the surface to recharge your smartphone), Stone has gone for exclusive materials: authentic marble, travertine, sandstone or lava stone. Simple and chic, it is not just a simple recharging system, but a genuine piece of décor you can keep out in the living room, on the desk as if it were paperweight, or on the nightstand next to the lamp.