Now by Ragno, nature that decorates

COVER: Ragno, Now collection

With natural hues, a soft-touch surface, discrete elegance and imperfect patterns, the new Now collection by Ragno interprets the relationship between humanity and nature with a porcelain-stoneware-effect resin that creates dwelling spaces with tactile textures and refined colors. The keyword here is “harmony. Indeed, its palette with delicate and velvety tones produces soft surfaces with slightly uneven patterns. The atmosphere is both dynamic and enveloping and gives off a reassuring sensation at first sight.

This all comes thanks to its velvety shades of white, grey, slate, ivory, pink and terracotta in a single 25x76cm format with one 3D and one mosaic structure in two decors: Barre and Waterflower which comes in two versions inspired by watercolor painting.

These are all careful choices made by Ragno, who has always shown a long-running passion and great respect for the planet. The connection between humanity and the earth is the design leitmotif of this brand which interprets the latest requirements of contemporary home design by allowing ceramic to communicate with interior design. In this way, walls and surfaces become the latest décor accessories which are capable of anticipating trends and expressing each of our tastes and styles with sophisticated tones and universal beauty.

Now is a prime example of this with its casual balance and concrete yet understated versatility. It is able to provide us with countless visions of home design with an unquestionably appealing mood.


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