Mystone Travertino by Marazzi, an original take on marble

Marble is synonymous with ancient and aristocratic opulence, that which defined architecture for centuries. Even until today it has shown itself to be a timeless material capable of interpreting styles and utilizing avantgarde design in order to give itself new meaning. This is the case with the new Mystone Travertino porcelain stoneware from Marazzi: a collection which puts the latest innovations from the brand’s research lab on display and faithfully transfers the appeal of travertine marble to porcelain stoneware slabs with a personal touch.

They offer a mix of practicality, innovation and style. On the one hand, there is the special StepWise production process, which combines depth and softness to a high level of anti-slip resistance; on the other hand, there is the High Performance technology which ensures resistance and durability. Finally, there is the Sublime Sync digital print which allows the graphics to perfectly adhere to the structure and reproduces details and imperfections with impeccable precision. It recreates the allure of the material which inspired the porcelain stoneware slabs.

The result is an original interpretation of this historically important material which this time has been presented in a contemporary key. Navona, Classico and Silver are the three materials (light beige, cream and light gray) which get mixed to three patterns and two decors, Classic and Botanic, in order to reproduce the various types of marbles. The finishes are available in two versions: a softer, warmer one and a glossy, more sophisticated one, in order to bring out the expressive potential of the marble with a personal touch. Finishing off the collection, there are also three mosaics and four formats of 90×180, 60×120, 60×60, 30×60 cm, which all play with geometries and contrasting pairings for the walls or floor.

It is a collection which aims to redesign the aesthetic canons of contemporary home design with Marazzi’s trademark material inspirations, retro accents and a constant commitment to quality experimentation.


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