Metropolis by Casalgrande Padana, concrete-effect elegance

COVER: Casalgrande Padana, Metropolis collection

Inspired by concrete and that slightly austere and minimal mood, but with a totally new and bolder allure—a metropolitan one, as its name suggests—Casalgrande Padana presents Metropolis, the new porcelain stoneware collection which reinterprets industrial style with a palette of eight colors, eight sizes (from 30×60 cm and 45×90 cm up to large tiles of 90×180, 120×120 cm and 120×278 cm) and four thicknesses (from 20 mm to a slim version of 6.5 mm).

Square and rectified, these concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles have a natural surface indoors and non-slip one for the outdoors. They have been designed to create a sense of continuity in any space as they reduce breaks to a minimum and make them almost imperceptible. Moreover, the slim 6.5 mm thickness allows one to even cover walls, scenic backdrops, shelves, table tops, and wall units.

All of which naturally comes with optimal technical performance and a style that takes concrete from being a building material to an elegant, spectacular and timeless decorative and designer element.

Gray is an impeccable symbol of discrete, sober and versatile elegance: a shade to play with all kinds of chromatic pairings, from ton-sur-ton to more pronounced contrasts. This goes without considering that it is the perfect base for having fun with furniture, because it is fit for mixing textures and materials and creating various styles, from a Nordic to industrial and urban style.

Walls, flooring, outdoor spaces, tight corners or wide-open spaces, Metropolis is the perfect styling solution to create custom settings with seamless laying, defining new spaces (the outdoor tiles can be laid both with glue on screed and dried directly onto sand, gravel and grass) or decorate whole rooms with the flawless style of practicality.


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