Marmoker, when marble becomes eco-sustainable

COVER: Night Storm and Titan White, Marmoker Collection 2020 by Casalgrande Padana

The greatness of Made-In-Italy ceramic continues its search for solutions capable of inspiring designers and bringing the enchantment of beauty into home. The latest proposals from Casalgrande Padana, one of the sector’s leading brands, celebrates the uniqueness and splendors of rare and precious marble by technologically reinterpreting them in respect of the environment.


  • What it is  The 2020 Marmoker collection proposed by Casalgrande Padana, their latest indoor and outdoor tile releases which expand on an already vast range of finishes inspired by marble.
  • What makes it special  The Marmoker collection, a true “marble non-marble” made in high-performing porcelain stoneware, is able to enhance the extraordinary tonality and the exquisite chromatism of extracted marble while making the beauty of its texture, veining, transparencies unique and authentic.
  • How it is made  The Marmoker collection’s tiles are produced in porcelain stoneware made exclusively from natural raw materials obtained from a closed-cycle process with a low environmental impact. The twelve new colors range from the timeless appeal of the marbles of the great Tuscan masters (Calacatta Extra, Titan White and Canova) with their classical veining on a white backdrop, to more delicate shades (White Musk, Fior di Pesco and Oyster Grey), brighter colors (Caribbean Green, Brown Forest and Night Storm), those with bold contrasts (Orange Black and Rosso Francia) and decidedly darker tones (Ossidiana). With this year’s new releases, the collection expands to a good 44 different textures, 12 formats and 3 thicknesses and surface finishes. It’s practically impossible to not find a solution fit for one’s home.
  • Whose idea it is  Marmoker is a project by Casalgrande Padana, the Emiliana company who has been producing advanced ceramic materials for 60 years for architecture and design by focusing on quality, technological innovation and respect for the environment. A pioneer in new product types, the brand has also recently developed an exclusive generation of bioactive ceramics (anti-bacterial, self-cleaning and capable of reducing polluting agents) which get exported throughout the world. Strictly Made In Italy, each phase in its creative process takes place in Italy, from the lab research to the production in its factories.
  • We chose it because…  We love genuine marble, whether it’s common, rare, or precious; and, likewise, we love protecting the environment. So when, thanks to new technologies, a material like porcelain stoneware is able to give us the same beauty and protect the ecosystem at the same time, we can’t help but be won over by it.



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