Living Now by BTicino, the switch that has propelled the smart revolution

Consider this: a switch that turns the lights on and off, controls the shutters remotely and updates you on the functions of your electronics. No, we’re not talking about really expensive home automation systems, but about a revolutionary system that adapts to your old one and gives you, in a moment, the smart technology you’ve always dreamed of.


  • What is it? Living Now by BTicino, the new electric plate with integrated home automation.
  • What’s special about it? It’s simple design hides a great innovation. In fact, this plate adapts to any system (even traditional ones) and allows you to manage, even remotely, all the functions of a more comprehensive system, from light to shutters to energy. This is all down to its hi-tech heart that dialogues with your Smartphone, connecting to the Home+ Control app and it answers to your voice as well.
  • How is it made? With a simple design, vertical lines separate the switches and the control system is bigger than usual, so there is more space for each function. The Made in Italy patented full touch controls transform the switch into a screen (each key can be operated anywhere, in the middle, up and down), aligned with the wall-mounted frame (this work on irregular surfaces too). The hi-tech heart, on the other hand, allows you to control all the functions of the electrical system: lights, shutters and energy can be managed thanks to voice commands and remotely as well with the Home+Control app. Thanks to its smart devices that communicate with each other and connect via radio to the heart of the system with Wi-Fi connection can transform even a traditional system in a smart system. It is available in white, sand or black, with the possibility of having 16 different finishes made of advanced polymer, metal or wood.
  • Who is it by? A firm from Varese, northern Italy, BTicino is a global leader in the field of electrical and digital devices, for homes and offices. BTicino has 10 factories and one logistics headquarters in Italy, as well as 60 branches in different locations around the world. Throughout the years, BTicino has won several coveted international awards as well as three Compasso d’Oro awards, especially for its attention to detail and design culture.
  • We have chosen it because… It has an elegant, minimal style: a real example of pure style, with full touch keys always well aligned on the wall, for a discreet elegance. But in addition to its beauty, it has impressed us with its innovation, because it adapts to the traditional electrical system and wants to transform it into a home automation system that dialogues with your Smartphone, responds to vocal commands and allows you to control, even remotely, lights, shutters, electricity. Beautiful as well as brilliant.


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