Linnut by Magis, fairy-tale lights

Strange birds that pop out amongst the furniture; curious creatures that shine during the night; fantastic characters that look as if they’ve come from a book of fables. The Linnut collection by Magis is an ode to creativity and a magical light that creates ever-changing atmospheres and scenes.

Their names are Palturi, Siiri, Sulo  (Sulo S and Sul L) and Kirassi, characters designed by the Finnish designer Oiva Toikka in a collaboration between Magis and Iittala, five sculptural lights in an evolution of the Birds blown-glass collection by Toikka for Iittala in the seventies. It was a decision Magis made with their gut, fascinated as they were with these imaginative and dreamlike figures. Already fun, sweet, and cheerful in their original versions, they attracted the attention of Magis who asked themselves, “how can they be made more poetic and fanciful?” The answer was right there in the brand’s DNA. They focused on innovative materials and techniques in order to see them in a “new light”.

The step from glass to polycarbonate was easy, and the four characters quickly turned into dimmable cordless lamps, each one unique due to their different polycarbonate textures. Fun, joyful and practical lamps that can be recharged via a USB-C cable (the port is on their ABS base), they can be taken with you wherever you go and used to create perfect atmospheres thanks to their adjustable LED lights with touch switch. Do you prefer Siiri with her potbelly and golden beak or the elegant and slim Kirassi? And what can we say about Sulo, silly and crouched in her dome-like form, or Platuri with her sweet eyes and dreamy gaze? We would like to collect them all because wherever you put them, the Linnut (Finnish for birds) immediately put you in a good mood.



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