Panda Lux by Cappellini, a lamp full of tenderness

A bright huge Panda, which reinterprets traditional lighting design. We liked the idea behind this piece; an ironic product which adds a sparkle to our summer nights. What are we exactly talking about? Panda, the latest floor lamp by Cappellini.  

  • What is it? Panda Lux is a larger-than-average panda-shaped lamp.
  • What’s special about it?  It’s ironical, friendly and huge.  It evokes our childhood and fits in even the most stark spaces.
  • How is it made? Made of white opal metacrylate with black details. It comes in an extra-large size: 160 cm in height.
  • Who is it by? Paola Navone, a versatile and unconventional professional – architect, designer, art director – her designs are defined by creative enchantment. She combines Western taste with colours from South of the globe and this results in ironic and quirky products.
  • We have chosen it because…  It looks like a large toy and it immediately inspires tenderness. It sets itself apart from other lamps because it’s extremely evocative and intriguing. Why don’t you use it in your living room to replace an old sofa? Panda Lux brings together the whimsical with a certain amount of fun; this piece is perfect for chilled times with family and friends. 
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