Happy birthday, Cactus

Cactus®, the iconic coat hanger from Gufram which mimics the desert plant, has turned 50. And to celebrate, it has created three limited Andy Warhol editions.

Designed in 1972 by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello, Cactus® has changed its look various times over the years. We saw it in red and black in 2010 in Rossocactus and Nerocactus, with two eggs at its feet in 2013 in the GOD Feat model by Toiletpaper, psychedelic (Psychedelic Cactus®) in 2016 through the eyes of Paul Smith, and modestly white or green in the alternative Another Green & Another White Cactus® in 2018.

Today it comes in blue, pink and yellow in Andy’s Blue Cactus®, Andy’s Pink Cactus® and Andy’s Yellow Cactus®, the three limited editions (with just 99 pieces for each version) made in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation of Visual Arts.

This combination between the greatest Pop artist and the most eccentric icon of Radical Design works perfectly. This anti-conformist couple turns common ideas into sophisticated concepts through Pop language. Like all previous versions, it has been made using the original mold from 1972 and then sculpted and hand-finished by specialized artisans. Indeed, all of Andy’s Cactus® are unique pieces which are made up of 2,165 polyurethane bosses with the Gufram-patented paint called Guflac®, which makes the surface similar to leather but soft and flexible.

It’s useless to deny that the classic or limited-edition Cactus® is still the coat rack we’d all love at the entrance. It’s the perfect piece of design to put our avant-garde style on display right from our doorsteps, and does so with a bit of dazzling 1970s wit and that prickly spirit which Gufram has taught us to appreciate.



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