Bimby® in black for true foodies

COVER: Bimby® TM6 Limited edition

It’s well-known that black is the most elegant color.  You can wear it on special occasions both indoors and outdoors. That’s why Bimby® has decided to celebrate the spring with a limited-edition Bimby® TM6 (this month only) of this multifunctional robot which will help us prepare our menus with a special touch.

Starred-chefs know that black is also a glamorous color in the kitchen, as it immediately brings haute cuisine and gourmet recipes to mind. Did you know that there are almost 50 naturally black ingredients used in the kitchen throughout the world? There is black rice, black quinoa, black cuttlefish, dark chocolate, black caviar, mulberries, balsamic vinegar, black corn, black peppers, black beans, black chickpeas, black lentils and black olives. The list goes on and on.

So why not go for a noir menu to make an impression on your guests? In order to celebrate the its first limited edition, Bimby® Italia is proposing a collection of recipes based on black ingredients (or which turn our food black): black chickpea hummus is perfect for a gourmet snack; black cuttlefish tagliatelle are ideal for a Mediterranean menu; and gothic ice cream with sesame seeds is the trendy dessert which is sure to win everyone over.

The many proposals can be found on Cookidoo®, the official Bimby® recipe platform which contains over 8,000 Italian recipes and 78,000 from around the world. All of them can be made with the new Bimby® TM6, the multifunctional robot that combines smart technology with lots of cooking operations. It will help you quickly and effortlessly discover new flavors and colors at the table.


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