90° minuto by Giorgetti, a foosball table for real champions

We bet that at least once in your childhood you’ve played a game of foosball. So, the upcoming summer holidays are just right to bring back this old school pastime. We have decided to give Atmosphere by Giorgetti a go: the ultimate luxury foosball table in perfect Italian style.


What is it? 90° minuto fot Amosphere by Giorgetti is a new homeware series, which also includes a luxury foosball table.

What is special about it? It’s inspired by the iconic foosball table, however it has a distinct sophisticated and luxury aesthetic, which turns it into an exclusive piece, with a new king of appeal. It’s part of a new homeware series, which includes: carpets, lamps, mirrors, vases, trays, cocktail set and much more besides, there’s even a set of handmade skies.

How is it made? With top quality materials: timber, leather and crystal and constructed with great attention to detail.

Who is it by? Started as far back as 1898 in Brianza, northern Italy, brand Giorgetti has since then focused its production on top quality cabinetmaking. Luxury and sophisticated pieces, which bring together craftsmanship tradition and top quality materials.

We have chosen it because… The foosball table is a timeless piece, which will never lose its charm. And it doesn’t matter if you’re expert players or just amateurs, with this extra-luxury version your home will become the place to be. A novelty piece in pure Italian style: there’s only one winner.


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