Ariete by Unopiù, the ancient art of the new outdoors

Unopiù is bringing in 2022 with a mood inspired by the past and the ancient art of ironwork. In doing so, it has created the latest style in home design with a fresh, modern, delicate yet bold outdoor space.


  • What it is Ariete by Unopiù, the outdoor collection in wrought iron.
  • What makes it special It is inspired by classic wrought iron furniture of Umbrian and Tuscan tradition, but it has been reinterpreted through a simple design (the circle) and technical fabrics which make this collection extremely contemporary.
  • How it is made It is a collection that includes a sofa, armchair, lounge chair, chair, table, side table and bench. Each element has a structure with a circle motif and the cushions come in a waterproof, acrylic or recycled PET fabric.
  • Whose idea it is Adam D. Tihany, the designer born in 1948 in Transylvania and raised in Israeli, who is amongst the most famous interior designers in the contract sector. His New York studio founded in 1978 works in interior design for commercial and residential spaces, furniture production, graphic design and outfittings, but is specialized in luxury hospitality design. Unwilling to get stuck in one specific style, his vision of design is based on customization and the requests and personalities of the client.
  • We chose it because… It has an almost classic kind of simplicity, and yet the circles which get repeated in the various pieces give the entire collection a bold, distinguishing feature. It is just what is needed to give our outdoor space a strong personality with very little.



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