Air Hub Portable, wellness is in the air

COVER: Faber, Air Hub Portable

Clear air inside the home has become a priority for just about everyone. Faber, a leading company in the production of hoods, knows this very well, and today it is going beyond the confines of the kitchen to pursue all-round domestic wellness.

After its revolutionary hoods with sanctification systems, the latest release from Faber is Air Hood Portable: a stand-alone purifier which combines a sophisticated filtering system with sanitizing UV-C lamps.

Minimalist, elegant and portable, this system uses the exclusive 4×4 Tech which improves air quality in the home in a few minutes without any installation process. This technology works with a simple electrical plug and effectively combines four filtering stages and UV-C lamps to stamp out up to 99% of bacteria and viruses in the air without producing ozone. This device also eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOC) and microparticles. In doing so, it removes all of the main indoor pollutants and its UV-C lamps keep the filtering perfectly sanitized.

But how can we know when the air is unhealthy? Air Hub Portable does the measuring itself thanks to a next-generation double sensor that constantly checks (24/7) the air we breathe by detecting potential dust or microbes and automatically turning itself on (even at night in a silent mode).

“With Air Hub Portable we have taken a new and significant step in the execution of our strategy, one which has made Faber a specialist in indoor air treatment,” declared Dino Giubbilei, Vice-President Marketing & Digital at Franke Home Solutions, to which Faber belongs.

According to statistics, one in five consumers has allergies or asthma and one in two diseases is caused or worsened by poor indoor air quality. Faber has wanted to promote its “The Purest Air Experience” communications campaign to highlight how, thanks to this new purifier, any home can turn into a pure and uncontaminated space.

“We set goals for ourselves at Faber to create a product that did not limit itself to filtering the air, but one that offered a complete purification experience and was easily able to be integrated into any space in the home,” added Silvia Gamberoni, Head of Global Category Management Hoods at Franke Home Solutions. “Air Hub Portable is a state-of-the-art solution which allows us to really make the home the safest place you can live.” We’d like to add that it does so without giving up on style, as this technological system (on sale at the web-shop is not only practical and high-performing, but also aesthetically well-designed in two refined models: White Matte and Metal Titanium.


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