50 candles for Componibili by Kartell

Even if almost half a century has passed, the Componibili series by Anna Castelli Ferrieri for Kartell is still so current it could have been designed yesterday. It’s birthday was celebrated a few days ago in Paris with a special installation, so we have decided to join in.

And who, over the years, wasn’t won over by the practicality of this storage series? In fact, Componibili’s success is mainly down to three key factors: a lightweight frame in durable plastic, optional castors for real practicality and a choice of round or square units.

Clearly referencing pop-art (in fact it was originally designed in the sixties), sassy aesthetics and real durability; this is what makes Componibili truly current. Without a doubt, Anna Castelli Ferrieri successfully turned a piece of furniture, generally banished to the back of the closet, into a real key player.

One thing is certain: it’s great for the bathroom, it’s practical for the study and it’s extremely useful next to the bed or the sofa. Even fifty years along the line, Componibili by Kartell remains a winner!


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