1953 by Oluce, an impeccable example of style

COVER: Oluce, 1953 lamp – design Oluce & Forti

When we speak about icons of design, we cannot help but think of the 1953 lamp by Oluce designed by Angelo Ostuni and Renato Forti. It is a model that instantly brings us back to the 1950s, as it perfectly reflects the style of the times—from the cylindrical lampshade to the fine contrast of the satin gold against black; however, with a touch of style, it is also able to offer us a purely contemporary mood.

Just as in the past, Oluce, the longest-running Italian design company in the lighting sector (founded in 1945), still releases models today with strong decorative appeal which are capable of transcending trends and eras. The reissue of the 1953, presented in a floor and table model, is the perfect example of this: clean, linear and refined, its bold personality pays homage to yesterday’s masters while casually incorporating a more contemporary look.

The asymmetrically proportioned design, just like the original project’s, shifts the whole lampshade section from the center to the side. It offers an unexpected and spectacular effect that is still able to surprise us today. The result is a refined, classic, bold and timeless lamp that is not afraid of breaking the mold, but which doesn’t sacrifice its impeccable balance.



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