The tartan living room is the latest in outdoor elegance

COVER: Ethimo, collection Allaperto Mountain – design Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

In the coldest of seasons, the outdoors can become an enjoyable “winter living room” where one can enjoy a few hours of sunlight. Two deep armchairs, a small sofa and couple low tables: this open-air living room plays with tartan fabric—emblematic of a winter look—and teak profiles that call back to high-altitude style. The result is an alpine atmosphere that makes us feel as if we were on cabin terrace immersed in the silence of nature. And to get even more comfortable all we need is to cuddle up on these ultrasoft cushions covered in the warmth of fur plaid, for a year-round living room dedicated to comfort and elegance.

Style details

Tartan fabric.

The tartan pattern is a winter classic and the outdoor version interprets contemporary elegance in a new and unexpected way.

phoyo: armchair Allaperto Mountain by Ethimo

The fur plaids.

Essential in mountain cabins and cottages, these fur blankets “borrowed” from Nordic countries are an immediate invitation to relaxation.

The pair of low tables.

In teak and aluminum, it’s the perfect combination of outdoor furniture always chic and resistant to the harshest of temperatures.

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