The home immersed in Icelandic nature

Iceland is the land of fire, ice, geysers, volcanoes, waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes. It is a place far from the rest of the world, immersed in uncontaminated nature that excites and profoundly moves those who meet it. It is an island to visit and a place to live in complete symbiosis with its wonderous views. At face value, this is a home facing the jagged coast of a lake near Iceland’s vibrant capital of Reykjavik. Made of glass and wood with a few walls and quasi-suspended furniture, the villa serenely lies in the spectacular context that surrounds it.

Situated near Reykjavík, the home opens onto a view of the lake, the valley and mountains of Iceland.

The home is part of the project “Homes of the world”, which was created by Lago in order to show contemporary home living in its infinite variations. In this case, it was the search for harmony with the surrounding environment which inspired the lake home’s furniture. Indeed, thanks to the large uninterrupted floor-to-ceiling glass windows, an invisible membrane towards the outdoors is created. The barren and spare landscape really seems to enter and pass through the interiors, creating a continuum with the reflections of the land’s ochres, grays and soft, faded greens coming from the long months of gloomy skies.

A living room wall is dedicated to the TV system. Modular composition 36e8 in colored glass by Lago.

Amongst suspended furniture, sofas that seems to float, transparent tables, the furniture gives space and breath to the rooms divided by walls which are inserted like screens between one space and another. Elegant and minimalist, it incorporates the lightness of the architecture and nature’s colors coming from the windows. Based on the Lago’s modular systems, from the bookshelves to the TV furniture, the sofas and the wardrobes, everything cleanly fits in the space available.

In front of the wall separating the living room from the dining room, there is a bookshelf with wooden brackets, delicate light green shelves and a stone-effect glass back: the modular system 30mm by Lago. The sofas with glass legs are part of the Air Collection by Lago.
In order to not disrupt the view of the landscape, there is a table that almost vanishes from view thanks to its asymmetric suspension. Table Bold by Lago with just one decentralized support.
Even in the bedroom, the glass windows bring in the earthy and gray sky tones from the outdoors. Wardrobe N.O.W. with colored glass doors by Lago.

Design project

Lake house  
The countryside of Reykjavik, Iceland

Interior design and furniture supply:
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Courtesy Lago

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