Italian design in a dream villa in the Caribbean

Saint Martin, Lesser Antilles, the Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean. This dream villa faces the inner lagoon, in the part of the island, which was once a French colony. This is the new home of a young travel agent, who lives and works in this little paradise. Recently built, this villa was part of an architectural development, which includes several villas in a variety of different sizes and styles, designed by Studio Lago of Saint Martin. 

This porch is ideal for barbecues in front of the large swimming pool. In the background, the lagoonguna.

Because of his work in tourism, our owner wanted a simple and welcoming home, which, at the same time, would also be elegant and modern, decorated with the best in contemporary design. However, to begin with, it had to be open-plan and spacious, with interior and exterior blending seamlessly into one. What’s more, the villa opens onto a little garden with a rich variety of plants and a large swimming pool, which is only a stone’s throw away from the sea.

A connoisseur of contemporary art, our owner started the collection for this villa with a pop-art painting by Brazilian artist Romero Britto. To the left, you can catch a glimpse of the inner patio.
A corner of the living room with two comfy armchairs by De Padova.

On special request by our home owner was to have Made in Italy furniture. The interior had to have a contemporary feel, furnished with design icons and no allowance was made to Caribbean vernacular. And this is why, a “transoceanic” partnership was built with an Italian architect, who also loves holidaying on this island, and the store in Italy he works with. Nearing the end of the design project, a container ship with the whole furniture set sail from Genoa and after two months, it delivered all the furniture right in the hands of the architect Masoni, who had previously flown to this location. This task wasn’t a simple one however, it was extremely well managed by the store and it succeeded to perfection. 

The owner’s large master bedroom. Guests have other two bedrooms, both of them with an en-suite bathroom. 
Moodboards testing different colour schemes, designed by the architects and Italian interior design store involved in the project.

The interior has vast open-plan spaces. Here, Italian design icons are paired up with several tailor-made pieces and the wonderful light which reflects from the Caribbean sea; this is a mix of extraordinary beauty. For the great delight of our owner and his guests, there’s nothing left to do now than wish to be invited soon. 

Design project

Interior design of a villa in the Antilles.

Location: Saint-Martin, Antilles
Client: Private

Project: arch. Horacio Goldeney, Studio Lago
Interior design and furniture: Carpani Masoni Tasso Architetti, Alessandria, Italy
Furniture supply: Colla Arredi srl, Alessandria, Italy

Photos: Courtesy Colla Arredi

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